Andrew Nathan

Soulful Retailer in Hong Kong

Andrew Nathan

Soulful Retailer in Hong Kong

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Retail is a craft worth mastering:

To be excellent at retail is to be a successful human being: it requires compassion without over-sensitivity, equal measures of urgency and patience, an inclination for curiosity combined with an immunity to boredom. this well and you find your Zen.

I'm experienced in leading organizations in multiple markets and regional roles. At home in both start-up and global corporate environments. Proficient with directly operated and franchised organizations. Know how to integrate the full spectrum of functional roles to ensure operations excellence and deliver the brand promise. Have a passion for finding the intersection where profitable businesses make a positive impact on the people and communities they serve.

The snapshot of my experience from front-line operations to the boardroom:

• Five market openings, three regional leadership roles, 4 country management roles, C-level experience

• 20 year track record of growing key global brands across Asia

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  • Education
    • University of Washington